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Analyze your platform content usingAI Agents

Create AI Agents with custom labels and detect content that violates you company specific policies.

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Content analysis can be tedious and time-consuming. Gardian streamlines this process with advanced AI, making your content analysis more efficient, privacy-friendly, and scalable.

Ready-made models

Pre-configured agents to handle common content issues.

Custom Agents

Set your own analysis labels to fit your brand and keep your platform safe.

Simple API

Integrate our tools with our straight forward API and quick setup.


Analyze content in multiple languages for global user experience.

Transparent pricing

Enjoy clear, simple pricing with no hidden fees, making budgeting easy.


Protect user data with our secure and confidential analysis processes.

Like an army of human moderators at a fraction of the cost.

Use Case

For Content Moderation

Spot and stop toxic content, spam, and other in your platform’s comments, posts, and any user-generated content. Customize your rules to fit your audience and content perfectly.

Streamline Your Workflow
Streamline Your Workflow
Use Case

For Live Chat

Increase user trust and activity on your chat and messaging platforms with advanced automated messages moderation. Protect users from harmful content and foster healthier conversations.

Use Case

For Customer Sentiment Analysis

Leverage advanced sentiment analysis to understand your customers feelings and opinions about your products or services. By analyzing comments, reviews, and social media posts, gain valuable insights into customer satisfaction and areas for improvement.

Streamline Your Workflow

Simple, transparent pricing

What's included in the plan

  • 10000 Queries
  • Unlimited AI Agents
  • 6 Labels per Agent
  • Ready-made Agents
  • Multilanguage
  • Premium Support



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